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News for Nov. 03, 2005

TVNZ Airs New Kong Trailer...And We Got It! _UPDATE-

11/03/05, 10:03 am EST - Xoanon

Access Hollywood will be airing this baby on North American TV screens tonight around 7PM EST. After that look for super-high-res versions to appear on and for now we have this from TVNZ..take a look!

Pronunciation Key (n-v-t-bl)

1. Impossible to avoid or prevent.
2. Invariably occurring or appearing; predictable. As in 'the inevitable call from Universal demanding we remove the clip ASAP'

You knew that was going to happen...just remember to catch it tonight on Access Hollywood and!!

Thanks to {8thWonder} for the breakdown:

... The trailer opens with Carl Denham saying the Old Arabian Proverb...

"And the beast looked upon the face of beauty, and it stayed it's hand from killing, and from that day it was as one dead."

This is spoken over shots of Kong looking down on Ann in the deserted streets of New York. A very emotional scene.

The next minute and a half is exposition. Carl asks Ann if she is nervous about the voyage, Carl gives the "Uncharted Island" speech, as Ann boards the venture, there are shots of the voyage. Once they reach the island the kidnapping and sacrifice are featured, New shots of SKIIPs holding Jack and Carl, and Ann is lowered over the wall. From there the action begins. Much of it is from the Inside Look, but is expanded.

We see the Bronto herd before the stampede, and a Venatosaur runs by very close to the camera, very fast, almost not seeing it at all.

The V. rex menacing Ann is SCARY, and when Kong slams down behind her it looks NOTHING like it did in the first trailer. Kongs face nearly touched the ground. We can tell that Kong has come from a long way up. The rex running at Ann and Kong is very fast and frightening. Next is the shot of Kong fighting off two V rexes and dropping Ann, but catches her at the last second in his FOOT!

There's a new car throwing scene, that again, looks nothing like the first trailer. Im beginning to wonder if any of the action from the first trailer will be in the film at all.

The ESB scene is much like we see in the Inside Look, with a chest beating, roaring Kong added to the end of the trailer.

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