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News for Jun. 27, 2005

Kong Trailer Descriptions!

6/27/05, 4:18 pm EST - Xoanon

GooDy writes: Attendees of the International Cinema Expo in Amsterdam got there first glimpse at the King Kong trailer today. They were told they were the very first audience in the world to see it.

The trailer begins with some shoots in New York which looks amazing and very authentic. Jack Black's Carl Denham is looking for his actress. After that some shoots of the sea voyage and crew of The Venture followed by the first views of Skull Island, the dinosaurs and other beasts who live on the island.

We get a shoot of Ann Darrow's sacrificial scene.

The trailer end with a close up of King Kong after we see him lose in New York where he is smashing cars. The trailer was received very well by the audience!


The Movie Guru writes:

Just came back from an advance screening of "War of the Worlds" (great film, by the way!) here in Egypt, attached to it was the trailer for "King Kong"... something that I was very looking forward to, but never expected to see in a cinema screen, and a few hours earlier than the announced international debut. I will be giving a detailed description of the trailer.

It started off with Carl Denham (Jack Black) searching for an actress to play the lead in his monster film. He finds Anne (Naomi Watts) who he has discovered while she was stealing an apple (much like the original film). She boards the ship along with Adrien Brody's character who she meets while climbing up the rail. Cue Universal Pictures logo... Denham starts talking about a map he discovered which detailed the location of Skull Island (followed by a montage of scary looking natives and skulls). The ship goes through a strong storm which pushes them straight to a huge wall on Skull Island, Jamie Bell yells a warning. We then see the crew shooting the film by the rocky beach, and Denham asks Anne to scream which she does, followed by a ferocious growl (which one can assume is Kong himself). Anne gets kidnapped and offered as sacrifice, the crew try to rescue her but witness a large hairy hand grabbing her. "What is it?" Brody asks Jack Black, but all we see is Black's tense face... "From Academy Award Winning Director PETER JACKSON". What followed are a series of quick cuts in the jungle where we are treated to dino rampages, monster chases, the crew facing off a water beast on top of a log raft, Kong wrestling dinosaurs, city scenes in which Kong runs amok. It was all happenning too fast, so I'm sorry if I haven't been giving a thorough overview... Anyway, the trailer ends with the scene we all know from the TV previews in which Anne is faced off by a T-Rex, followed by Kong's jump, Anne's frightened face and SURPRISE... a look at the monstrous ape himself!!!! I've gotta say, Kong looked so real... his last roar really got the goosebumps running through my spine. "KING KONG... December"

Overall, the trailer was received with much enthusiasm, and was a great way to start the night of the visual effects extravaganza that was Spielberg's "War Of The Worlds"....

Honestly, I can't wait to see the trailer again! It really rocked my world... Now if only December came sooner!!!

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