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KONG #79 - 2006

September 3rd, 2006

Here is the weekly newsletter! Enjoy!

Kong Roundup (Top headlines of major interest)

Book Review: King Kong - From Fay Wray to Peter Jackson by Ray Morton
While it's easy to assume Ray Morton's 'King King - From Fay Wray to Peter
Jackson' is a quick cash-in on the second big screen update of the giant
ape's romp, to do so would be missing out on what is easily the most
complete collection of Kong-related trivia assembled. Morton digs into them
all, including the much maligned King Kong Lives. This is information that's
never been featured anywhere.

Peter Jackson to film Dam Busters
The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is to remake classic British
war film The Dam Busters, he has told film industry trade paper Screen
Daily. Jackson will produce the movie, with King Kong animator Christian
Rivers in the director's chair. Jackson said it would be "as authentic as
possible and as close to the spirit of the original as possible". The 1954
film told the true story of how Britain developed bouncing bombs to destroy
German dams in World War II. Mel Gibson was going to direct and possibly act
in it Peter Jackson Jackson says he first saw the film as a child and
"really loved it".

Kong Ornaments
Zillaexpert writes: American Greetings has put out Christmas ornaments
celebrating Peter Jackson's King Kong. One is a sculpt of Kong fighting a
Vrex, with their roars and Anne's screams when a button is pressed. The
other is a lesser expensive kong hanging off the Empire state building with
sound. Pretty cool! Nice sculpts! Check out the pics! They also have
continued with there Godzilla offering-both have sound as well- see the

Searching Skull Island (Breakdown of our various sections)

Coming Soon:

September 8th: Thomas Kretschmann Birthday

KONG 2005 - This section is specifically dedicated to Peter Jackson's
remake. Take a look at cast bios and video production diaries!
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/kong2005/

SCRAPBOOK - (Coming Soon): Currently we are linking to the King Kong section
of TheOneRing.net's scrapbook. It has over 300 images from the sets, the
actors and the press conference held just before start of production in
September of 2004.
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/scrapbook/

KONG FILES - Kong Files are a bi-monthly feature written by John Michlig.
Michlig's online article KING KONG: LOST AND FOUND can be seen at
http://www.skullisland.net/KongBoomer.html. He's currently working with
filmmaker James Mansfield on a documentary entitled EIGHTH WONDER: THE
startling details of which he promises to share in the very near future.
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/kongfiles/

KONG GAMING - A section devoted to everyone Kong Game related! From Chess
sets to console and PC games, this is the place you want to be!
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/gaming/

MESSAGE BOARDS - A great place to chat about Kong, PJ, or filmmaking in
GOTO: http://boards.kongisking.net/perl/gforum.cgi

LIVE CHAT - A java chatroom where you can login, meet Kong fans from around
the world, and get chatting!
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/chat/

KONG HISTORY: King Kong is back. In 2005, writer/director Peter Jackson, the
man responsible for "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy, will direct a new,
large-scale remake featuring a monstrous computer generated ape to be
created by Jackson's special effects company, WETA Digital. However, Kong's
origins lay long ago, towards the beginning of the last century in fact.
What follows is a history of the great ape's adventures, on both the large
and small screen. This history's films and TV series are the one's that were
widely released.
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/history/

CONTACT - Do you have a scoop about the upcoming Kong film? Maybe you found
some cool news related to King Kong online? Whatever it is, if you think its
worthy of the KongisKing.net homepage, then send it in! The process is
really easy...simply email us at spymaster at kongisking.net.
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/contact/

KIKN INFO: Whether it is to submit a spy report or to yell at us, we'd love
to hear from you! This is a community for Kong fans worldwide and you are a
valuable asset to making it work. Please email us your news, comments,
complaints, events, etc.
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FAQ: Everything you ever wanted to know about KongisKing.net, Peter
Jackson's film, and more!
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That's all for now, keep clicking, have fun and keep sending in those
letters! We love to hear from you!

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