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Thomas Blackshear's 'The 8th Wonder of the World' Now on Sale!

KONG #73 - 2006

July 8th, 2006

Here is the weekly newsletter! Enjoy!

Kong Roundup (Top headlines of major interest)

Extended Edition Kong DVDs out this Fall?
Marko via KiKn Boards member Koning Kong writes: The spanish film site
zonadvd.com has posted an article in which it states that Universal Spain
has officially confirmed King Kong's Extended Edition DVD coming November
15! They add that the edition will contain 3 discs and more details are to
be announced soon.

TV Watch: Black on 'Leno' Clip
Jack Black was a guest on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' not too long ago,
they spoke about Jack's new baby boy, and how he proposed to his wife. There
is a funny clip from Nacho Libre as well. Take a look! (61MB MOV)

Locations see tourism surge after movies
LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- New York City's best pitchman these days might be
King Kong. In posters and billboards around Britain -- and soon in Japan --
the super-sized gorilla is shown looming above the Empire State Building
with a slogan that beckons potential tourists: "You've seen the film, now
visit the set." More than ever, tourism promoters are realizing the power of
cinema to attract visitors -- as are dozens of tour operators, authors and
hoteliers who are capitalizing on the public's fascination with celebrity.

Where My Kong At on MTV2?
Sparxfan writes: On a recent episode of MTV2's new animated series "Where My
Dogs At?" lead canines Buddy and Woof go to the MTV Movie Awards. King Kong
is chained to the stage, a la the movie, and remains onstage during the
entire show, his feet being visible behind the presenters. He gets more
screen time throughout the show, though, as he nods his head along to 50
Cent, kills presenter Jimmy Fallon by breaking free of his chains and
smashing Jimmy to a bloody pulp with his fist, and then dons sunglasses and
a Kangol hat when the show is over and he gets up to leave.

LOTR Online Developer Chat Monday July 10
We are very pleased to announce a chat with Jeffrey Steefel, executive
producer of the Lord of the Rings Online game. Join us in #TheHallofFire
Monday, July 10th at 5:30pm to find out more about this exciting game!
Jeffrey Steefel joined Turbine, Inc in early 2004 and is currently the
Executive Producer in charge of the upcoming MMORPG The Lord of the Rings
Online. LOTRO will be the first and only online persistent world based
directly on the literary works of J.R.R Tolkien and will host a world-wide
community of fans and gamers.

Searching Skull Island (Breakdown of our various sections)

KONG 2005 - This section is specifically dedicated to Peter Jackson's
remake. Take a look at cast bios and video production diaries!
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/kong2005/

SCRAPBOOK - (Coming Soon): Currently we are linking to the King Kong section
of TheOneRing.net's scrapbook. It has over 300 images from the sets, the
actors and the press conference held just before start of production in
September of 2004.
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/scrapbook/

KONG FILES - Kong Files are a bi-monthly feature written by John Michlig.
Michlig's online article KING KONG: LOST AND FOUND can be seen at
http://www.skullisland.net/KongBoomer.html. He's currently working with
filmmaker James Mansfield on a documentary entitled EIGHTH WONDER: THE
startling details of which he promises to share in the very near future.
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/kongfiles/

KONG GAMING - A section devoted to everyone Kong Game related! From Chess
sets to console and PC games, this is the place you want to be!
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/gaming/

MESSAGE BOARDS - A great place to chat about Kong, PJ, or filmmaking in
GOTO: http://boards.kongisking.net/perl/gforum.cgi

LIVE CHAT - A java chatroom where you can login, meet Kong fans from around
the world, and get chatting!
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/chat/

KONG HISTORY: King Kong is back. In 2005, writer/director Peter Jackson, the
man responsible for "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy, will direct a new,
large-scale remake featuring a monstrous computer generated ape to be
created by Jackson's special effects company, WETA Digital. However, Kong's
origins lay long ago, towards the beginning of the last century in fact.
What follows is a history of the great ape's adventures, on both the large
and small screen. This history's films and TV series are the one's that were
widely released.
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/history/

CONTACT - Do you have a scoop about the upcoming Kong film? Maybe you found
some cool news related to King Kong online? Whatever it is, if you think its
worthy of the KongisKing.net homepage, then send it in! The process is
really easy...simply email us at spymaster at kongisking.net.
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/contact/

KIKN INFO: Whether it is to submit a spy report or to yell at us, we'd love
to hear from you! This is a community for Kong fans worldwide and you are a
valuable asset to making it work. Please email us your news, comments,
complaints, events, etc.
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/kikn/

FAQ: Everything you ever wanted to know about KongisKing.net, Peter
Jackson's film, and more!
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/faq/

That's all for now, keep clicking, have fun and keep sending in those
letters! We love to hear from you!

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