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KONG #77 - 2006

August 13th, 2006

Here is the weekly newsletter! Enjoy!

Kong Roundup (Top headlines of major interest)

Jack Black to host 2006 MTV awards
NEW YORK - The MTV Music Video Awards are about to get a dose of Jack Black.
The actor-slash-rocker will host this year's version of the
anything-can-happen extravaganza, set for Aug. 31, MTV announced Thursday.
"Prepare yourself for a rip snortin' humdinger," Black said. "I am Jables,
hear me roar." The awards will air live from Radio City Music Hall in New
York. Performers include Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Panic! at the Disco and
Ludacris. Black, 34, is the "perfect mix of comedy, rock, irreverence and
star power," MTV President Christina Norman said in a statement. Black's
films include "Nacho Libre," "King Kong" and "School of Rock." He'll next be
seen with his Tenacious D bandmate, Kyle Gass, in the semi-autographical
comedy "Tenacious D in `The Pick of Destiny,'" slated for release Nov. 17.

King Kong brought down by vandals
A sand sculpture built on Weston-super-Mare's beach was destroyed by vandals
on Wednesday night. The 20-tonne King Kong sculpture, was built by
contributors from around the world as part of the North Somerset town's
first sand sculpture event. Councillor Alan Hockridge said this "was an act
of mindless vandalism." "If the sand sculptors do return to Weston next
year, we will need to increase security after this thoughtless and stupid
act," she added. Anyone who saw the incident, or has any information, has
been urged to contact the police.

King Kong game gets most nominations for Canada's first video game awards
Canadian Press: VANCOUVER (CP) - A video game based on the movie King Kong
has won the most nominations for Canada's first video game and animation
awards. The game, produced by Obi Soft[SIC] in Montreal, got seven
nominations in the games category of the Canadian Awards for the Electronic
and Animated Arts. Vancouver-based animation company Studio B dominated the
animation categories, with 18 nominations. There are 37 awards categories in
total, including Game of the Year, Best Animated Production and Student Game
of the Year. Actor William Shatner will host the awards in Vancouver on
Sept. 14. The video game industry makes over US $30 billion in worldwide
sales, surpassing the movie business.

Jackson's story to be told in biography
The story of how a boy from Pukerua Bay, north of Wellington, beat Hollywood
at its own game is to be told in an authorised biography of New Zealand
film-maker Peter Jackson. 'Peter Jackson: A Film-maker's Journey' will be
published by HarperCollins New Zealand on November 10, just in time for the
Christmas market. Following numerous approaches, Jackson chose to work on
the biography with Brian Sibley, a writer and the producer of the acclaimed
BBC radio dramatisation of the Lord of the Rings. The biography, written
over several years, tells the story of Jackson's life through his own words,
as well as drawing on the memories of friends, family and associates.

TV Watch: Pop Collectibles in Oz
Producer Darryl writes: I would like to advice LOTR fans in Australia of a
new collectors TV show that has just visited Weta in NZ and features an
extensive interview with Richard Taylor. The show screens Saturday night at
8 pm and re-runs Sundays at 9 am and 2 pm on the cable TV provider FOXTEL
Australia-wide. The six part series features Weta in shows 1 and 5. And
episode 3 is a complete Weta Special with Richard discussing his companies,
childhood, creative challenges and goals. LOTR statues and busts make up a
huge proportion of the show and two never-before seen unreleased statues are
shown. For those outside Australia, DVD sales of the show will come online
shortly. Fans can email popcollectables at yahoo.com or visit

Cameron Taps Weta Digital for Avatar
Academy Award® winner Joe Letteri and Weta Digital have signed on to create
visual effects, creatures and digital environments for James Cameron's
much-anticipated and innovative new motion picture, Avatar. "Weta has proven
themselves a leader in visionary effects, especially in the area of
performance capture based character animation, which is a big part of my new
film," says writer/director James Cameron. Cameron continues "Along with
their world-class capability comes a genuine passion to blaze new trails and
to entertain a global audience with groundbreaking techniques. I'm really
looking forward to the collaboration with Joe and his team." Academy Award®
winning producer Jon Landau adds "Weta has an incredible depth of creative
talent that has continually proven their ability to create technological
innovations that allow filmmakers to tell stories which could not otherwise
be told. They have the unique ability to seamlessly integrate these
technologies into the movie in ways that the audience never questions the
reality of the cinematic presentation. We look forward to pushing Joe and
his team even further down the road of photorealistic visual effects."

Comic-Con 2006: King Kong Extended Edition
August 1, 2006 - On Friday, July 21, 2006, Universal Studios Home
Entertainment offered a preview of the forthcoming King Kong (Deluxe
Extended Edition) at the San Diego Comic-Con in southern California. The
clip was introduced by none other than Peter Jackson himself, who spoke to
fans via a pre-recorded message. Included below is a transcript of Jackson's
comments: "Much as I would love to come over to California for the summer
but unfortunately I've just got so many things to do out here that I can't
do what I really want to be able to go shopping at Comic-Con one day -
that's what I want to do, shopping, buying toys..."

Searching Skull Island (Breakdown of our various sections)

KONG 2005 - This section is specifically dedicated to Peter Jackson's
remake. Take a look at cast bios and video production diaries!
GOTO: http://www.kongisking.net/kong2005/

SCRAPBOOK - (Coming Soon): Currently we are linking to the King Kong section
of TheOneRing.net's scrapbook. It has over 300 images from the sets, the
actors and the press conference held just before start of production in
September of 2004.
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KONG FILES - Kong Files are a bi-monthly feature written by John Michlig.
Michlig's online article KING KONG: LOST AND FOUND can be seen at
http://www.skullisland.net/KongBoomer.html. He's currently working with
filmmaker James Mansfield on a documentary entitled EIGHTH WONDER: THE
startling details of which he promises to share in the very near future.
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KONG GAMING - A section devoted to everyone Kong Game related! From Chess
sets to console and PC games, this is the place you want to be!
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MESSAGE BOARDS - A great place to chat about Kong, PJ, or filmmaking in
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KONG HISTORY: King Kong is back. In 2005, writer/director Peter Jackson, the
man responsible for "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy, will direct a new,
large-scale remake featuring a monstrous computer generated ape to be
created by Jackson's special effects company, WETA Digital. However, Kong's
origins lay long ago, towards the beginning of the last century in fact.
What follows is a history of the great ape's adventures, on both the large
and small screen. This history's films and TV series are the one's that were
widely released.
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