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(Jincey's stuff in blue and red, sam's in black below)
Welcome to the list tas, airaloske, deadhorse, and serafina : )  I just
added y'all to the mailing list so am forwarding this with just a couple
additional thoughts for tonight:
Chattanooga and its locale is really a unique area. There are mountains,
rivers, caves, civil war battlefield parks, a vibrant downtown area (just to
name a few things) there or so close it is no problem to get there. (For
instance, the Ocoee River, home of the '96 Olympic whitewater venue, is just
east of Chattanooga. Now I'm not saying we're all going to jump off
mountains or hotdog down Class IV Humungous, but the point is: there is *so*
much to see and do!
Right now, we're pretty much thinking Lookout Mtn & downtown Chattanooga
Thursday, and Riverbend for Thursday night to see ZZTopp. Friday would be
adventure day - bring camera, hiking boots, daypack. We'd have to all decide
where we'd most like to go. Saturday we can maybe venture out in another
direction or head back up the mountain. This would be decided by the group
of attendees. Some folks may actually be leaving Saturday, some Sunday. -
it's all very flexible, like all BarliBashes are : ) We are hoping that more
than a couple actually have use of cars for group transportation. Please, if
you are driving, let us know!
A note on travel arrangements:  If you are thinking about flying in, look
for fares to the following airports: Chattanooga, TN (not a large airport at
all and you'll find few nonstops), Nashville, TN (about 2 hrs north),
Atlanta, GA (2 hrs south), and Birmingham, AL (about 3 hrs southwest of
Chattanooga) Now you may fret about this BUT consider: lodging is very
inexpensive, and you might possibly rent a car to travel between point A and
Chattanooga for the duration of your visit. Folks arriving at or near the
same time might go in together on cost? Just a thought, but flying to a
major hub and renting a car and a week's worth of lodging would be a doable
thing for many. For others the convenience of flying right into town might
work out best.
One more thing while I am typing all this: I must point out to the new
folks, and reiterate for returning Bashees that TORN and TORN's staff are in
no way responsible for any accidents, liabilities, sins, traffic tickets,
injuries, splinters, bail, hangovers, etc.   ; )   All attendees must be 18
yrs or older, or have a parent or legal guardian accompany them at all
times. Each attendee will be responsible for their own actions and expenses
at all times.
Sam and I will work on another email listing Stuff to See & Do tomorrow.
See below for Sam's original mail!
Kindly forgive sam for sending his email to the wrong email list ; )  He
gets up before dawn and didn't even realize he sent it to the wrong list ; )
He says feel free to give him heck for that when we all get together! 

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hi all, sorry for taking so long to get a few details out about a possible
barlibash this summer.....here in a nutshell is the idea, what to do's,
costs, etc......this is a very different approach to having a "bash" than in
years past, so here it goes :)

thinking of june 11-14 here in chattanooga, tn.....we have the riverbend
festival going on, plus the other attractions nearby that are of interest.
riverbend festival is a week long music festival in which they close down
quite an area on the banks of the tennessee river downtown, and offer a
variety of musical guests.....you can get all the info needed by visiting

the big draw this year is going to be ZZ Top performing on thursday, june
12th.....and let me say here, that i know high fuel prices has everyone in a
pinch, but i figure there are a lot of folks within driving possibly, as
opposed to flying.....so thats a saving, this idea of getting together
focuses on a less expensive venture th an any of us "bash-ee's" have done in
the past.   admission to the whole week of riverbend is only $28 dollars, if
bought in advance....... $37, if you buy after advance sales.....check out
the riverbend site, there's a multitude of artists, of different variety
that are interesting.

lodging.....i did some checking with hotels downtown (near the festival
site)  they dont offer group discounts, only corporate ones, and those are
just 20 bucks less one pricey night......my thought was perhaps, hitting a
place like where i stay, and extended stay hotel.......can stay a week at
In-Town suites here in town, for a total of $279 ...thats a room with a full
bed, a twin bed, and $50 of that price is deposit, which is refunded at the
end of your stay.......now the pluses, and minuses of this

minuses----no bar, sorry, and no raising sand in rooms late at night, cant
get loud, sorry

pluses.....the cost, on site laundry room, fine eaterys (4 just across the s
treet), the rooms include a full bath, full size refrigerator, two burner
stove, and microwave oven, and most important (as this has always plagued
our get togethers in the past......free high speed internet that works, with
no problem.......erm, did i mention almost 50 cable tv channels too?

besides the music festival, there are several attractions and things to do
very nearby.....tennessee aquarium, rock city atop lookout mtn......which
overlooks downtown, btw.......hang gliding, hiking in some great places, we
were thinking about an outdoor activities day......and even a cookout :)

rental cars are available at a very competitive price, and we have even
thought of a day trip to fall creek falls state park, which is a 90 min
drive from here......highest waterfall east of the rockies  (yes, it beats
niagara by bout 40 feet or so, i think)

if anybody is interested, please email jincey or i.........we think its more
affordable, fun, and the music fest really is a bargain.........oh, and also
the greatest bbq you have ever tasted, we'll have to hit famous Dave's for
dinner one evening.

Jincey and i will be sending out a more detailed email tomorrw, she has done
a wonderful job putting together a list of all the possible sights to see,
and attractions......so, check out whats mentioned, let us know. kindly
email me as well as Jincey if you think you might actually make it. :)

again, sorry for so late notice, but my thinking was an inexpensive
approach, and fun things for us to do :)

*sam waves to all and heads off singing merrily*

p.s......and please feel free to respond to my email addy, jincey, bless her
heart, has an inbox of email that would choke a moose  :)

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