News for Apr. 19, 2006

'Sci-Fi Boys' at Tribeca Film Festival

4/19/06, 9:09 pm EST - Xoanon

The folks behind THE SCI-FI BOYS send this in: The link below takes you to the official Tribeca Film Festival rave review of THE SCI-FI BOYS which will be playing four times at the very prestigious Tribeca festival the last week of April (one showing that week) and the first week in May (3 showings). It's an excellent one-paragraph review written by Kellen Quinn which describes the film as a "heartfelt homage to both the genre itself and the people who played a part in its development, from its humble beginnings in stop-motion animation to the multi-million dollar CGI projects." It says the film features "some of sci-fi's top producers, directors and writers" including Peter Jackson -- and it concludes: "THE SCI-FI BOYS" is a must-see for anyone who has screamed, gasped, or laughed at a movie monster." [More]

Below is the page of a website about THE SCI-FI BOYS that has streaming video of Peter Jackson telling why he considers THE SCI-FI BOYS an important film (PJ says: "This film puts on record, for all time, the influence the pioneers of special effects had on my generation of filmmakers") with a link to Best Buy for ordering the DVD of the film. The DVD, recently released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment, has almost 70 minutes of rare bonus features which are all described in detail at this page, including PJ discussing a film he made at age 15 called THE VALLEY. [More]

THE SCI-FI BOYS also shows, for the first time ever, some of the space and dinosaur movies 8-time Academy Award winner Dennis Muren (of ILM) made in 8mm when he was a kid... as well as Peter Jackson showing a "cyclops" he made when he was a kid, modeled after Ray Harryhausen's cyclops from THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD