News for Mar. 06, 2006

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3/06/06, 10:15 pm EST - Xoanon

Here are the nominee names and winners from King Kong at the Academy Awards held last night (March 5th) in Los Angeles.

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First up we have the win for Best Visual Effects.

Joe Letteri: Thank you. This is tremendous. For those of us who aren't actors it's really a thrill to be able to create a character and a performance like Kong. But I've got to say we had a great actor working with us the whole time to show us how it's done. I've got to thank Andy Serkis for really giving us the heart of Kong, thank you. Peter Jackson, Peter, thank you for continuing to surprise us, and delight us, guide us, and for making films that we all love. Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens thank you for giving us this incredible story, to our producers Carol Cunningham, Jan Blenkin, Eileen Moran, Annette Wullens thank you for keeping it all together. To everyone at WETA, just a fantastic group of artists, we loved working with you, thanks for your dedication and to all of our friends at Universal, thank you for making it all happen.

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Next is Sound Mixing.

Christopher Boyes: Oh, there it is. We would like to thank the Academy. We'd like to thank the amazing filmmaker Peter Jackson, Carol Cunningham, Jan Blanken, Fran Walsh and my mom, Katherine.

Michael Semanick: I want to thank my mother for giving me unconditional support when I chose this crazy career. You questioned me only once. Are you sure you don't want to be a doctor? Yes, mom, I'm sure. I love you.

Michael Hedges: I'd like to thank our tremendously amazing talented crew back at Park Road Post in Wellington, New Zealand, what a great job to everyone. My mother, this is for you. My wife, Joanne, and my dear kids Steven and Lisa. Thank you.

Hammond Peek: To the rock that is my family, and to the great production sound crew. Go Kiwis, thank you.

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Last is Sound Editing.

Ethan Van der Ryn: We want to thank Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh for their spectacular vision which is matched only by their spectacular generosity of spirit and heart. We are so proud to stand here and accept this award on behalf of our whole crew who continue to prove that with unconditional creative collaboration, the impossible becomes possible. And in particular, we want to thank the amazing Brent Burge, and the one of a kind Andy Serkis who brought the voice of Kong to life.

Mike Hopkins: I'd like to especially thank Chris Ward, Martin Kwok, and Pepper Anderson. And the amazing Peter's Park Road, and the guy that paved the way for us, Murray Spivack, the original sound designer for the 1933 vision of "King Kong." Murray, Thank you. Thank you so much.