News for Dec. 27, 2005

Japanese King Kong Exhibition Pics

12/27/05, 10:46 pm EST - Xoanon

The Japanese King Kong Exhibition
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Psion sends along these photos from the Japanese King Kong exibition: Ok, not alot of pics, due to you can not actually take pictures. I snag some before they caught me. It is held at Roppongi Hills, high class place. The Gallery is on the 50th floor, very awesome.

Some decriptions. The Model of New York city. Too Bad I only got one shot. It is Beautiful! It covers whole of manhattan. (even with 2 clear transparent tower for the WTC) the detail is amazing. I wonder it was WETA made. I belive so. Ever street was in detail. It is amazing. What is the best (too bad doesnt show too well on the pic) is on the Empire State Building model, there is mini-kong right on top of it!

So About the exhibition, it is full of WETA production art. There is one room showing all the FX projects WETA has done. Other TV monitors are playing PJ's production diaries. The the walls are full of drawings and things (many not released before) Has you can see on some of the blurry pics (me trying not getting caught)

There is alot of sideshow models on display. The best was (no pictures since a security dude was standing right next to it) A famous Japanese model toy company built these tiny, mini version, big as an egg, of the WETA sideshow models, with a bit variations. Probably sell these in those plastic egg thingys. Those models are just while colored, no paint on them. But the ones are display on especially painted by WETA artists. And they are tiny. Super mini-models, painted to super details. Man, I want them baddddd. Those must be super rare items. The best one, is one I never seen. A mini-model of Parandon breaking the raft in two with people falling on each side, and you guess it. In its mouth it is chewing a sailor. That is the first time I got the full image of the delete scene of the movie. I hope that also comes out in large size sideshow toys.

At the gift shop they sell these limited only to the exhibition post cards of unpublished WETA production art. They are niceeeeee. I bought the whole set. Will scan it later for all of you.