News for Dec. 20, 2005

Kong Audio Book Press Release

12/20/05, 10:11 pm EST - Xoanon

Syracuse, NY Dec. 12, 2005--If Peter Jackson’s King Kong is a visual spectacle, then Full Cast Audio’s King Kong is an auditory extravaganza.

Experience Kong without special effects or computer animation: With a dozen actors using nothing but their voices to re-create this classic in Full Cast Audio’s production of “Merian C. Cooper’s King Kong,” by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland, released today.

"Merian C. Cooper's King Kong," authorized by the estate of King Kong’s creator, is an updated and expanded version of the 1932 novel that was based on the original movie script but released before the 1933 landmark film.

Full Cast’s unabridged recording, complete with an original score, will transport listeners back to the 1930s with the sounds and sensibilities of a radio drama.

"There was just a real joy in going back to this great, great adventure story and creating it in this new format,” said Bruce Coville, of Syracuse, Full Cast Audio’s president and also a best-selling children’s author.

Full Cast Audio, a small audiobook publishing company in Syracuse, NY, rushed production of the novel to coincide with this winter’s Kong mania, but Coville – who’ll only publish audiobooks he loves—said it was just plain old fun.

"We figured it would be a big seller,” Coville said. “But even more, we knew it was going to be fun, and that the book Brad and Joe had written would work phenomenally well in our format. I haven't seen so many actors this excited since the last time Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland said, ‘Hey kids, let's put on a show!’”

Coville calls the novel by DeVito and Strickland the most faithful retelling of the classic, but with a few changes that update the story: A more appropriate treatment of the Skull Island natives, more accurate dinosaur science, and more fully-realized action scenes.

"This is unique in that it's most true to the original version without having some of the flaws of the original,” Coville said. “It’s the same, but better.”

To hear the production’s opening, go click here. The recording runs about seven hours on six CDs. It sells for $37 in an economy edition and $45 in the library edition, both available through, or by calling (800) 871-6152. A downloadable version is available from

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