News for Dec. 19, 2005

AP Movie Critics Pick the Top 10 Movies

12/19/05, 10:16 pm EST - Xoanon

From AP: As film critics, we had a problem this year. There were too many great movies to choose from and only 10 spots on our best-of lists. After much soul-searching and paring, here's what we came up with the absolute best of the best. The top 10 films of 2005, according to AP Movie Writer David Germain:

1. "Dear Frankie"

2. "King Kong" This is why Peter Jackson is lord of the primates, at least in Hollywood. Jackson has made an action flick monstrous in scope yet with an intimate sense of pathos and tragedy. His remake about the giant ape doomed by love for a blonde (Naomi Watts, the new Fay Wray) dotes on the details of the 1933 original while indulging Jackson's aim of big-footing all the special-effects extravaganzas that came before.

The rest include:

3. "A History of Violence"
4. "Transamerica"
5. "Capote"
6. "Syriana"
7. "Grizzly Man"
8. "Broken Flowers"
9. "The Producers"
10. "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"