News for Dec. 17, 2005

Warren Lubich Concert Report

12/17/05, 11:17 am EST - Xoanon

Miron writes: Thank you very much for posting the notice of Warren Lubich playing music from Max Steiner's famous score to King Kong. I have just left the Grand Lake Theater's nearly full house. The audience went ape. The applause is still ringing in my ears like a Skull Island gong.

Following some obligatory Christmas tunes, Lubich began with the King Kong march. The audience broke into cheers. A date asked, 'What's the picture about?' 'Something about a gorilla' came the reply. 'Oakland's got plenty of those, already.' She says. This is a knowledgeable King Kong audience.

Mr. Lubich will perform every Friday night, before the 8pm show, for the length of King Kong's engagement.

Again, Thank you for sharing the historic Grand Lake's unique musical gift to the real kings and queens of the a theater, the audience. [Grand Lake Theater Website]