News for Dec. 06, 2005

Kong Premiere Review!

12/06/05, 8:38 pm EST - Xoanon

KINGLIZARD476 writes: Just got in from the World Premiere ( NYC – Dec 05, 2005 ) of King Kong, and all I can say is WOW… I was blown away… It was well worth the wait. Peter Jackson has certainly done justice to this remake of a classic. He truly pays homage to the original King Kong in more than one way.. I won't give anything away, but let’s just say, I think you'll all enjoy the movie. There are a few graphic sequences, so you might check it out before bringing very young children… All in all the 3 hours it runs fly by quickly.

The people at the Loews E-Walk cinema couldn't have been more accommodating. As a bonus, popcorn & soda were provided free.. Nice touch. Each seat also had a complimentary plastic cup commemorating the movie…

Though we didn't see any of the stars ( we were at the 600 PM showing ), the movie more than made up for it.

After the movie, we walked down to Military Park ( the triangle at Broadway ) in Time Squares and saw the huge King Kong Sculpture. Took a few photos, if they turn out, I'll send them for posting..

I want to THANK the folks at UNIVERSAL PICTURES, and more importantly, the people at KongIsKing.Net for the fantastic info they have provided to “us” ( Kong fanatics ).

What a great night, and a great way to kick off the holidays… This movie will definitely be a hit, and will be enjoyed by all young and old…