News for Dec. 06, 2005

R2 1933 King DVD's Way Too Vanilla -UPDATE-

12/06/05, 8:20 pm EST - Xoanon

Chris writes: I think young Tony (From this earlier article on KiKn) has probably purchased something other than the Warner Home Video release.

As I understand it WHV CANNOT sell in the UK due to Universal having the "we can sell it" rights or some such nonsense.

The link you have on the News page is for a Region 1 import from the US or Canada and they are allowing one per person (!?)

I'd buy straight away but TV here in the UK uses PAL rather than the NTSC and I rather fear that I'd need a new TV as well as a Region free DVD player.

I've been trying for ages to get to explain what is going on and getting no where fast (there's never a 20 foot gorilla around when you want one) All they have for sale is the crappy Universal colourised version.

The page for that is starting to look interesting - we're starting a hate offensive . [Click here to view]

You have no idea how frustrating it is to be reading of the wonders of the Warner release and to be offered what is, so far as I can see, a reissue of the 2001 Universal release plus the colour by numbers (ack, spit) 1986(?) reissue and a couple of B movies.