News for Nov. 29, 2005

Kong Tones = King Kong Ringtones

11/29/05, 1:25 pm EST - Xoanon

MUSIC ROOM PRODUCTIONS ®, one of the premier sound designers for interactive games & toys, has created KONG TONES tm, as RINGTONES for cell phones. These KONG TONES represent the AWESOME ROARS and sounds of KING KONG along with the deadly V-REX’s, RAPTORS, NATIVES and JUNGLE DRUMS that were created by producer John Reed for consumer products licensed by UNIVERSAL PICTURES.

These KONG TONES are like mini sound tracks that were approved by the legendary filmmaker Peter Jackson to represent the sounds of the upcoming film “KING KONG” for merchandising efforts. The voice talent behind these KONG and DINOSAUR sounds is Jo Island the lead singer of the Rock Group RAWK DAWG. See RAWK DAWG website:

KONG TONES are being distributed by 9squared Inc., headquartered in Denver, Colorado, on . The KONG RINGTONES are being made available as part of FLIXTONES via “BREW” applications which can be directly accessed by cell phone users handsets.