News for Nov. 28, 2005

TV Watch: Watts on 'Jay Leno' Report UPDATE

11/29/05, 12:28 am EST - Xoanon

Naomi Watts appeared on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' tonight (November 28th). The interview was light hearted and began with Naomi's embarrassing admission that her undergarments were causing a problem with a new dress she planned on wearing, she had to switch to an alternate dress. When she finally began talking Kong she mentioned her accident (previously reported) where she fell down a small hole on the set and thought she had injured herself. She mentioned that filming the many scenes she was in was vigorous and often left her with bumps and bruises.

She also gave Jay a small preview of what one of her 'terrified' screams sounded like, Jay obliged by playing Kong for a moment as Naomi broke several eardrums screaming with all her might.

The then showed an amazing 3 or 4 T-Rex vs. Kong battle which seemed to follow along with what we've seen in the trailer when we see T-Rexes, Kong and Ann fall down a ravine filled with vines. Kong was doing some major damage to the Rex's, he was tossing them around and even using a massive boulder as a weapon...and yes one was killed in the 'classic' Kong finishing move.

Naomi also recalled her trip to the Empire State Building (can be seen in one of our Production Diaries) and her meeting with Fay Wray before her death. The audience seemed excited about the footage they saw and Jay was genuinely enthusiastic about the film.

UPDATRE: Click here to view the segment! (69.3MB MOV)