News for Nov. 23, 2005

Monkeying around for King Kong

11/23/05, 10:27 pm EST - Xoanon

Kong Sized Stunt in Wellywood
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Kelly writes: I just wanted to supply you with a bit more information and some pictures about the crushed car stunt that took place in Wellington and appeared on Kongisking on the 9th November.

Lunchtime shoppers in Wellington were treated to a public display of chest beating and King Kong-like roaring recently, as part of a competition organised by Post to promote King Kong stamps and collectables.

Radio station 91ZM broadcast live from next to a crushed car, inviting passers-by to enter the competition called “King Kong Krush”. Participants had to roar like King Kong for the chance to win the major prize of $500 or one of two $100 runners-up prizes.

One participant got right in the mood, scaling a traffic light to beat his chest and roar from atop his own Empire State building.

Large Kong-like footprints on the pavement directed shoppers and those distracted by the antics into a nearby PostShop so they could purchase their King Kong stamps and collectables.