News for Nov. 21, 2005

More Kong Domination

11/21/05, 1:03 pm EST - Xoanon

Stephen writes: We've been hearing more and more things about the building Kong advertising in NY. Add three to the pile:

- First up, new bus stops. You featured a bus stop here:

Beware Large Jackpot

Around Manhattan yesterday, I've seen numerous bus stop walls adversting the King Kong Millions game with an added feature I don't recall seeing in normal lottery ads--in addition to being a regular poster featuring an image of Kong, there is a digital display showing the ever-growing jackpot. Yesterday, it read $50 million. Regrettably, I don't have a photo.

- Next...At my local movie theater yesterday, I was on the lookout for a Kong poster, expecting, if there was one, to see a common one such as the Vs. poster or the fierce-looking headshot of Kong. Instead I was surprised to see the beautiful one that you posted a while ago in Russian:

Russian Kong Posters

Sadly, again, I don't have my own photo, but it was basically that image with English text. It was a nice surprise after seeing so many Vs. posters/billboards/standees popping up all over the world. People in the lobby really seemed wowed by this newer one.

- Lastly: This is most likely not just a NY thing, but this evening I saw the first Kong commercial on TV. It was a pretty good length, and began as the theatrical trailer does--foggy streets of NY, Ann and Kong, old Arabian proverb, etc. But the rest of the trailer was intercut with some a good balance of brand new shots: a few from the SKIIP side of the wall, a few with the dinosaurs, and a few from New York. I remember being struck by what seemed to me to be a new shot of the creepy SKIIP girl, a number of fantastic shots of Kong in motion defending Ann on Skull Island, some shouting from Ann (seemed like it was when Kong was being forcibly taken from Skull Island), and for some reason there was a particularly beautiful shot that stood out of the interior of the opera house--it's quick and nothing special, but the blue lighting with the red curtain gives you a real "classic" feeling. There were more new shots than this in the short commercial, however--enough to make me stop dead--but I can't quite describe or remember many of them clearly. I'm sure the commercial will show up online at some point. Kong fans have their ways...

Anyway, there are some three exciting pieces of news. It begins...