News for Nov. 17, 2005

Preview Magazine Talks Andy Serkis

11/17/05, 7:59 pm EST - Xoanon

Wisse writes: The November Issue of 'Preview' (The Netherlands biggest free movie magazine) has an interview with Kong character Andy Serkis. The last two pages of the magazine are devoted to the 'vs.' poster and the Kong teaser poster is on the back of the issue. On the cover however, there is Harry Potter, but I'm sure Kong will have the frontpage next month.

Interesting in the interview are Serkis following lines:

'He [Kong] is like a boxer who's best days are in the past. He is not in shape, lonely and slightly crazy. His relation with anne (Naomi Watts) is based on humor. He thinks she's funny. She reaches something in him, and that becomes the basis of their communication. He gets her out of her shelf, she's someone who is very carefull. She is very honest however and she recognises something in him that is also very honest and she is open for that. They have a very honest relationship, not influenced by many complicated, human emotions. It is like the bond you have with a pet. You can't talk to it, but on another level there is communication. It is real, unconditional love.'

Please bear in mind this is a translation of part of the original dutch article and might not be exactly what Serkis has said.