News for Nov. 09, 2005

King Kong Competition

11/09/05, 10:13 pm EST - Xoanon

John Dybvig writes: I've got a new King Kong Competition I'd like your site readers to know about. The details are on, but I'll also put them in this email.

As you know, the New Zealand postal office has issued a range of commemorative stamps of the movie King Kong... On my site I'm offering a chance for three lucky people to get their very own set signed by me. The first prize is a set of stamps with noise... the Collector's Pack with King Kong's roar...second and third prizes are the Miniature Sheet of King Kong stamps. And all anyone has to do to get their hands on them is go to my web page and answer three questions and then email me their answers. I throw all the correct entries into a hat and pull out three winners.

The questions are:

1. What movie was I working on when I found out that my wife Jennifer was pregnant with Sam - our first child?
2. What role do I play in King Kong?
3. What's the title of my latest book?

Email answers to:

Competition closes December 1, 2005!