News for Jul. 16, 2005

Comic-Kong: Thursday Report

7/16/05, 9:24 am EST - Xoanon

Mr. Grooism writes: The San Diego Comic KONG International is a sensory overload and a ton of fun!

The Weta booth was overwhelming, there is a giant Kong teaser poster hanging, they're playing the King Kong and Narnia trailers, plus a new PD that seems to be a Comic Kong exclusive!

I spoke at length with Weta Workshop Digital Supervisor Ben Wootten, who was helpful, friendly and a totally cool guy! The real scoop is a wonderful mock-up he showed me of a new book being produced called WORLD OF KONG: A NATURAL HISTORY OF SKULL ISLAND by Weta Workshop. Think of it as a field guide to Skull Island Cretures! Very cool stuff, a must -have for every one of us! Ben confirmed what the Kiwis in the group already know, that the critters in the trailer that Denham fights off are in fact Wetas! I asked him about a Kong Display in NYC akin to the Fell Beast in Wellington, and he pretty much said he coildn't talk about that at this time.

A little while later I got to interview Richard Taylor himslef, who although a bit jet-lagged was happily posing fort pics with all comers! (My own pics with Ben and Richard wil l have to wait tillafter Comic Kong to be developed)

I asked Richard Altaira's question, which was: "Now that the world premiere is set for NYC, is WETA working on a giant Komg similar to the Cave Troll & Fell Beast for LOTR to grace the Empire State Building?"

Says Richard:

"Yes, we intend to do something like that, but it's New York after all! In Wellington we just went out late at night and just put these things up on the buildings, it's not like they were going to order us to take them down or anything!

"However, New York has all of these regulations and ordinances, it's a whole different situation, and it's tough trying to get permission! We've done all kinds of sketches and designs and models, so yeah, we're working on it, we really want to be able to do this. It's just a matter of setting thngs up properly in New York and getting all of the approvals. You've got to work on the Mayor for us!"

Ricahrd also volunteered that PJ had flirted with the idea of attending, but that he was just too exhausted!