News for Jun. 26, 2005

King Kong 'Making Of' Report!

6/26/05, 11:53 am EST - Xoanon

UK Channel 4 King Kong 'Making Of' Special
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Thanks to Kim for the report (via peter s who wrote it!): Today channel four presented the return of the king-the story of the making of Peter Jackson's King Kong. The first thing that Andy the presenter announced is that he had seen Kong! The sound track was the well cheesy 70's funk track king Kong of the jungle.

Andy crank, the guy doing the documentary introduced the story of Kong as a modern day beauty and the beast, then onto loads of footage from the 33 version and a shot of jack black introducing Kong on the stage "Kong the 8th wonder of the world, nice unseen footage.

On to where it's being shot, Wellington, mixed with some Jackson interview stuff and shots of the sets, pretty much pd stuff. Peter does look very drawn and tired I hope he isn't ill. Peter then goes on to describe why Wellington, itís his home duh! then a few shots of bad taste and a quick run down of what he's done before.

There are then a few more shots of peter directing Kong and interviews with the cast and WETA.

End of part one:

The documentary so far looks like it was filmed while they were doing the pd diary's nothing that new at the mo but thereís always part two.

Part Two:

Part two starts off with lots of33 footage telling us that Ann Darrow this time will be a lot more developed than in the original.

Then wwwoooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww we see Kongís sculp form. Peter then describes Kong as being the most monstrous monster ever the wwwwwoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww again.

We see Kong previs fighting two rex's and Kong climbing the Empire State Building and grabbing the planes and spinning them around and throwing them into each other this is hot unseen stuff. Then more hot unseen Kong fighting the rex again.

We see Kong getting shot at whilst climbing the Empire State Building and jumping around the sides of it. This is great stuff I'm watching. Breathtaking stuff.

Peter says that the character of Kong has it all in the eyes. He also says that Kong will be brutal.

No one will say what Kong looks like.

Peter then says that Kongís roar is great.

They say Kong looks like Charles Bronson

This ended with them telling us that we will see Kong in the trailer...