News for May 18, 2005

King Kong Game Spy Report from E3!

5/18/05, 6:25 pm EST - Xoanon

Kongspy "Sweetlips" field reports through "Atomicmutant" on the King Kong presentation at E3.

This is literally minutes old, a cell phone report from the show floor. King Kong has a large booth with a video presentation inside. Security is extremely tight, so we were unable to get any video from inside the booth. Pictures of the outside should be coming later today. Apparently there were as many security people in the booth as there were observers, and they watched like a hawk. They announced about a half dozen times that any glimpse of a camera would get you kicked out.

The video begins with a collection of PJ quotes and PD footage, then goes into showing the game. There is no finished film footage in the trailer. Sweetlips says that the game looked incredible, this is coming from an industry professional that knows what he's looking at.

You play as both Jack Driscoll, and Kong. Yes, they showed videogame Kong, who he described as "a cross between a gorilla and a curmudgeonly old man" (note that Sweetlips has NOT been following Kong like people on KIKN, so that was an unprompted description). The right side of his face is all mangled and strange...Sweetlips really, really liked the design, said it looked savage and cool. Kong also has really large shoulders and really long arms. He emphasized REALLY long arms....which were very dynamic and cool. Again, he thought the design was excellent.

As Driscoll, you fight off natives, that pitch flaming arrows at you (too far away to see the natives), velociraptors, and run from T. rexes.

As Kong, you can swing and jump through the trees. Sweetlips says that the scale and type of gameplay here is fantastic. You fight T. rexes, in a 'fighting game' style of game play....that ended with Kong literally tearing the head off of a rex.

Pics to come, and if there's more news, you'll hear of it!