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Playmates' Head of Boy's Toys Talks KONG!

3/01/05, 10:00 am EST - Xoanon

From At Toy Fair 2005, Playmates' head of boy's toys - Michael Rinzler - spoke with about their new and highly anticipated upcoming film series of toys: Kong: 8th Wonder of the World!

Rinzler mentioned the following figures would be made:

A 6" figure assortment will consist of 8 different characters/styles. Some characters/styles will have two different figures, meaning there will be at least 8 figures in the line, including:

* Kong vs. T-Rex - this set will simulate a major scene in the film

* Kong vs. Juvenile T-Rex - the T-Rex will feature a "spring-loaded" mouth and the Kong figure will feature an "arm spreading" action, which will simulate Kong ripping open the Juvenile T-Rex's mouth, saving the girl.

Though not all the figures in this series are known, at least one more T-Rex figure is known to be included. This T-Rex will include small, 1/2" long human bodies the T-Rex will eat and then digest. Yummy.

Multiple two packs will be a part of the line, including:

* Kong vs. an (unidentified) raptor - Kong figure in this two pack will feature a button-triggered "overhead smash" action. The raptor will, when hit in the "sweet spot," crumble to ground in defeat.

* Kong vs. unidentified flying creatures - this set will feature a Kong with "spring-loaded" waist, allowing Kong to "throw" the flying creatures.

A figure that will interest many fans is the unique and original creature made up entirely from scratch for this film. This dino-like creature will be featured extensively in the new Kong film and has never before been seen anywhere!

Other figures in this line will include at least one Three Creature Multipack (unidentified creatures).

The 11" figure series will include at least two figures:

* Chest Pounding Kong - Kong's roar activates when his chest is beaten

* 11" Giant T-Rex - opens his mouth and swallows his victims (other figures), digests them.

One possibility still being worked on is a Toy Show/ Convention Exclusive Accessory Pack which will interact with the 6" figures.

Playsets and games will include:

* Skull Island Playset, the setting for much of the film

* Kong Vs. T-Rex Battle Game, which is a joy stick controlled game between the two characters

* "Roll Play" Kong Arms covered in real hair

Sure to be the most popular item of the entire series is the 14" Kong, which pounds its fists trying to escape, even while trapped inside the packaging. When liberated from the package, the 14" Kong will rotate his arms forward and walk on his knuckles!

Rinzler also mentioned working with a major distributor on creating two different PVC dioramas aimed specifically at the collector's market as well as a line of more extreme figures from the film aimed specifically at a more mature audience.

Rinzler and sculptors from Playmates spent 10 days in New Zealand working directly with WETA Workshop and Richard Taylor, ensuring the accuracy of the Kong figures was perfect!

Though no pictures are available at this time, keep checking back to get the latest news and information on Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World!!

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