News for Jan. 11, 2005

More Info on Brody & Shore at the Palm Springs FF

1/11/05, 6:44 pm EST - Xoanon

Christopher writes: A couple of weeks ago I saw that you linked over to the Web site that I work for ( – which is the Web site for The Desert Sun newspaper over here in Palm Springs) to report on Howard Shore and Adrien Brody’s acceptance to attend the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Well, fast forward a couple of weeks, and, with us covering the event, we were are able to get a tiny little bit of video of Adrien Brody and Howard Shore arriving on the Red Carpet for the awards ceremony.

Most everyone who arrived on the Red Carpet did so in a hurry to get out of the rain and inside to eat. That said, we were able to ask Adrien Brody a question as he passed. Being the cool cat that he is, he responded.

Now I don’t if he came up with his response on the spot, or whether it was something everyone from the production was using on the set, but when we asked him something to the effect of “How’s Kong coming?”, his response went: “It’s off the hook!” Then he paused for a sec and came back with, “It’s off the vine!” Both my camera man and I thought it was classic!

Here’s the link to the main Film Festival page. Just click on it and then look for the VIDEO CLIPS link midway down the page and click on that. That’ll pop-up a Flash movie serving .flv videos, so make sure you’ve got a Flash Player installed (click here to install). When the window loads, just look for Adrien’s name under the list of videos on your left.

Take care, and keep dishing the great news and video – we’re eatin’ up out here!