News for Jan. 02, 2005

More 'D' Concert Coverage

1/02/05, 11:35 am EST - Xoanon

Spooky Chicken writes: Dondt know if this was reported by previous NZ concert goers but at the Sydney tenacious D gig, the 'D' performed a song entitled 'King Kong'. It was an epic song of monstrous proportions, although they didn't appear to have constructed an ending. A point was made of this. Mr Black told the audience that the song had been presented to Peter Jackson, and whilst he did in fact like it, the somewhat...'moving' song will not actually appear in King Kong.

Can you imagine a video clip cutting between Tenacious D performing and clips from King Kong? Of course it'd never happen because of...err.....extremely obvious reasons of credibility (not saying that they 'D' any anything less than the most credible band alive, because, of course, they have single handedly revived the art of 'rock')'s fun to think about.

Mr Blacks stunt double was also at the gig, and performed an extremely easy to miss deceptive stunt posing as Mr Black. The skit was so well crafted, only upon Kyle Gass telling the audience that it was Mr Blacks stunt double, did we realize that Jack Black did not in fact flip eight times backwards across the stage.