News for Nov. 21, 2004

KONG: King of Skull Island Update

11/21/04, 8:46 pm EST - Xoanon

KONG: King of Skull Island Update

Author Joe DeVito writes: I just received a copy of my book - KONG: King of Skull Island, the Cooper authorized prequel/sequel to the original King Kong story with a forward by Ray Harryhausen - that was posted last week. As a life-long fan of King Kong, this book has been a true labor of love. After so many years working on this project, it is difficult to comprehend that I can finally hold it in my hands.

I wanted to send over some cover and interior shots for others who are as enthralled by Kong as I am and might like to take a look. It is a cloth bound hard cover with dust jacket, measures 11.25" inches high and 8.75" wide and is 168 pages long. It has numerous double and single page illustrations, as well as many vignettes and sketches which are all wrapped around a full fledged novel of about 65,000 words. This book delves deeply into mysteries not found in the original story - things I've been day (and night!) dreaming about for over forty years. It is my sincere hope that it meets with the approval of Kong fans everywhere.

Published by DH Press, I've been told the book should be on bookstores shelves by mid December. It is already available as a pre-order online just about everywhere. I can be reached through the Kong book's website, where info will be regularly updated;, or through my art site