News for Nov. 16, 2004

NZFresh T-Shirts: Kiwi Styles Take Flight

11/16/04, 10:22 am EST - Xoanon

King Kong Production Begins

NZFRESH Tee, the design that's continually taking New Zealand by storm has steadily evolved into an icon that everyone wants to own. Its unique design inherently showcases the New Zealand culture: versatile and world class.

Thanks to King Kong actor Jack Black, who held the tee with pride as the press photographers took pictures to their hearts content during the recent King Kong press conference in Wellington, there has been nonstop requests for the NZFRESH design. Well, also thanks to Naomi Watts who give the tee to Jack Black as a gift.

NZFRESH is one of the first selected designs among 80 others developed by QOLOR Syndicate Ltd. The entire range was developed based on New Zealand's thriving local culture. NZFRESH embodies the spirit of New Zealand-innovative, fresh and vibrant, hence, it is the first design to be launched among the first collection series. Qolor Syndicate is the brainchild of designer Alex Tee who conceptualized the project from design to production for a period of six months. As a designer with advertising and apparel manufaturing background, Alex’s passion is to showcase the Kiwi culture to the rest of the world through
his designs embodying the essence and uniqueness of being a New Zealander and proudly wearing it. Its fun, friendly and simple designs send a message that is easy to understand. Alex wants people to look at his designs and make them feel, smile and think…yeah,that's me. The design was inspired by a cow bell, an instrument played in a drum or percussion. Alex who plays mainly percussion and drums in a band decided to use cow as an icon to relate to New Zealand.

Rather than symbolise New Zealanders through a Kiwi icon,he feels that a cow is more representative of freshness, with milk undoubtedly one of New Zealand’s most exported product. The NZFRESH design has been meticulously developed and polished for nearly 10 times to ensure the right positioning of the cow and ascertain that it's typographically and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The fine line between good design and normal design lies on the details. The designer has had extensive training for over a decade for this brand.

The public response has been nothing short of overwhelming. Requests has been received for NZFRESH Tees from interested parties all the way from Dunedin and Taranaki to the UK and America. QOLOR tees collection is one unique icon that represents simplicity in design. There's more! There's always new designs to impress or to gift to a friend. It's important to keep an eye on new designs as most of
the stock run out real quick.

Why don't you jump in the bandwagon and get yourself an NZFRESH tee and other fresh QOLOR Tees? Stocks are available at The Bronx, 35 High St, Auckland tel: +64 9 836 8333. Also will be available soon in Broadway Newmarket, Auckland. For more information, please don't hesitate to email or check out Tell us what you think of the brand - we would love to hear from you.