News for Sep. 12, 2007

Rick McKay Directs Fay Wray: A Life

9/12/07, 11:04 am EST - Xoanon

According to Variety a new King Kong related documentary is coming from director Rick McKay. According to Variety, he is making a feature about the original's leading lady entitled Fay Wray: A Life.

The film will follow the relationship between director McKay and his close friend Wray, who died in 2004. The documentary will also contain interviews with Peter Jackson and his King Kong leading lady Naomi Watts. Both had met with Wray before making the remake in 2005. Interviews conducted between Jackson and Wray will be included in the finished film.

Fay Wray: A Life will be heading into post-production in March of next year at Jackson's own New Zealand studio. The film will be released in 2008.