News for Aug. 29, 2007

New Kongcept Art

8/29/07, 5:33 pm EST - Xoanon

From Every species has a family they depend on for food, water, shelter and love. So why not a scary creature from Skull Island, too?

This illustration, by Weta Designer Greg Broadmore, was created as part of the concept series, when Peter Jackson was working with Weta to create ideas for the King Kong film.

Says Greg: "This was one of the first designs I did for the flying creature in Kong: Terapus Mordax. Peter really liked the look of Sphinx Cats which are hairless and sometimes have a lot of excess skin."

The idea was to make an extremely uncouth and bizarre looking thing, to make a flying creature as horrible as possible. (as opposed to the brief for the rest of the creatures on Skull island which were all cutesy fluff balls)." [More]