News for May 30, 2007

New Kongcept Art

5/30/07, 8:24 pm EST - Xoanon

From Today's Kongcept artwork comes from Weta Designer Gus Hunter. Beast infested swamp, anyone?! "These pieces came about as designs for the giant swamp creature for the movie. It didn't feature in the cinema release but had its debut in the Kong extended DVD release. In the film the creature disrupts and kills some of the crew as they make passage through the dangerous swamp land mirroring a similar fate of the crew in the original King Kong version. "I think Peter saw this creature as being very bad and sinister looking so it had to be very creepy. I based the bodies on a variety of prehistoric sea mammal anatomy but wanted the head to be different and have a more sinister look. "Three different shaped heads were done but I think the most successful drawing was #3 which was influenced from deep sea fish creatures - giving it a very grotesque, sinister appearance. An appearance you probably would not want to bump into while swimming in a stinky, dark, murky, insect infested swamp!" [More]