News for May 16, 2007

New Koncept Art

5/16/07, 2:55 pm EST - Xoanon

From Today we feature a piece of work by Weta Designer, Daniel Falconer. This piece, titled, 'Tartarusaurus', is a predatory reptile that can walk on all fours...Daniel offers a little insight into the creation of this piece: "Peter [Jackson] threw us a new opportunity to mix it up when he told us he wanted a new predatory reptile that would be a quadruped (walk on all fours). There weren't really any dinosaurs that fit that description so we had fun exploring other reptilian lineages and extrapolating out funky designs." "This guy is a bit dragon-like and has questionable anatomical reality, but, as one of the first designs done, it helped steer us in the right direction, if only by showing one path we didn't want to take. Peter ultimately led us to pursue a design path that was less dragonish and more lizardy, resulting in the character-filled and fun Foetodon that made it in to the final film. It's the critter that chases Ann into a hollow log and ends up a snack for a Rex." "People losing their shoes in situations of great peril for some reason always crack me up, so I threw that in here for whimsy too." [More]