News for Apr. 28, 2007

New Kongcept Art

4/28/07, 3:04 pm EST - Xoanon

From Today's Kongcept art work is from Designer Greg Broadmore, who came up with a leggy creature that could lose count of their own limbs if they weren't careful. Here's what Greg had to say on this piece: "This is one of many Pit creature designs we did, again a crustacean, in fact I think all the pit crawlers I did were crustaceans. No wait, I did a couple of slug/worm things. "The Pit had to be filled with crazy-go-nuts creatures from hell. Crustaceans made more sense at a large scale than insects or arachnids. Not that anything in that pit made a lot of sense." "Christian Pearce and I have a thing for crabs; we drew heaps of them as designs for the pits, in fact we joined a local street gang called the Crabs before we started at Weta. We sidled sideways everywhere, cold pinching fools. Especially the Carvers (spits). "Back on topic, this drawing is kinda Coconut Crab/ Lobster inspired with a spider crab leg thing going on. Coconut crabs (or robber crabs) are pretty cool looking, really solid beasts. Google them, they kick ar*e. Mean as bro." [More]