News for Apr. 11, 2007

Behind the Movies: King Kong on CityTV Tonight

4/11/07, 1:04 pm EST - Xoanon

Canadian Kong fans in the Winnipeg area with CityTV will be able to catch 'Behind the Movies' tonight at 11:30PM local time. Tonight's look is at Peter Jackson's King Kong featuring interviews with Peter, the cast, crew! Be sure to catch that tonight at 11:30PM.

From the website: Behind The Movies brings you the movies people love and the ones they’re anxiously waiting to see. What was the drama, determination and the dreams that went into the making of these films and what were the results? We focus in on the films that have become legendary, were controversial, cult favourites or have yet to find their fate. Along with film clips and footage from behind the scenes, we talk with the actors, directors, producers, cinematographers, stunt people, costume designers or whoever has a tale to tell. [Schedule]