News for Nov. 28, 2006

Our Fan Art Gallery Has Reached Two Important Milestones!

11/28/06, 8:00 am EST - JPB

KongisKing.nets Fan Art Gallery moderatrix FayWraith reports: Join us in celebrating two impressive milestones for the Fan Art Gallery. Last week we activated our 100th gallery member, and yesterday our 1,000th piece of artwork was posted.

Weve now been up and running for thirteen months. The positive response to the gallery, and the level of participation, have exceeded our expectations in every way. The one thousandth piece of art is representative of the quality of what we have in the gallery - it is a stop motion movie clip by message board regular Kingkongkessler - using a 1933-based King Kong model that some have said is the best since the original. View this impressive 1000th entry here.

Please come in for a look around if you have not visited for a while!