News for Nov. 22, 2006

Kong 'Mitchell camera' Up for Auction at Christie's!

11/22/06, 10:26 am EST - Xoanon

Samdodge writes: The camera that shot the 1933 King Kong and Son of Kong is up for auction at Christie's Auction House on Old Brompton Rd, London. The auction is today (November 22, 2006).

From Our sale on 22 November will feature a unique Leica M3 camera no. 873000 from 1957 specially made by Leitz; several important single-owner collections such as a Leica collection of models including the Compur, Reporter and black-paint cameras; and the Samuleson Brothers Collection of motion picture cameras. Of special note is the Mitchell camera used to film the classic 1933 film King Kong. [More]

Estimate: 40,000-60,000
To be sold:
November 2006
London, South Kensington