News for Nov. 19, 2006

New Kong DVD Has Surprises

11/19/06, 2:24 pm EST - Xoanon

Michael Pellerin, who produced the deluxe extended edition DVD of Peter Jackson's King Kong, told SCI FI Wire that the disc features some secret bonus treats—commonly known as easter eggs—including a musical performance by one of the film's stars. "There is a song by Jack Black," Pellerin said in an interview. "Go find that one. It's awesome. It is absolutely awesome. ... I remember him rehearsing it when he was off set. It was a whole planned thing. Anyway, it will finally see the light of day. It's on there somewhere. It's an original song, too. It's not something from [Black's off-screen musical act] Tenacious D or anything. It's something specifically for Kong." [More]