News for Nov. 17, 2006

TV Watch: Giganto: The Real King Kong

11/17/06, 1:04 pm EST - Xoanon

Tonight on The History Channel's "Decoding the Past" they look into 'Giganto'..the real King Kong! From the website: An exploration of the Giganto (King Kong) legend using modern science, technology, and historic eyewitness accounts. Gigantopithecus (the Latin term for "Giant Ape") is believed to have existed 9 to 5-million years ago and supposedly was around 10-feet tall. Some fossil evidence shows that it may have lived in China or India. Scientists of varying fields will attempt to genetically connect Giganto to modern-day creatures from around the world. Could Bigfoot be a relative? Forensic testing, extensive scientific research, 3-D animation, and body reconstruction will help determine the true mystery behind this prehistoric ape. []