News for May 17, 2006

Monkeying around

5/17/06, 1:55 pm EST - Xoanon

“Show me the monkey” is bound to be a demand of any audience confronted with an entertainment that riffs on King Kong. On that score, the screwball farce Kong’s Night Out, in its world premiere at Lyric Stage Company of Boston (through June 3), delivers handily. (That’s a pun.) But it takes the comedy a while to get there, much of it filled with plotting, panic, and slamming doors. Massachusetts playwright Jack Neary has been working on the script, more a homage to 1930s stage comedy than to the original King Kong, for five years, most recently in connection with the Lyric’s new-play development program, Growing Voices. In its debut, some of the work — which imagines the action in the hotel suite from which Fay Wray’s character is snatched the night Kong breaks his chains and follows his heart — is funny, and all of it is sillier than the Teletubbies on helium. The cast, however, is on speed — even when the farce flounces or flounders. [More]