News for Apr. 06, 2006

Sci Fi Boys on DVD

4/06/06, 6:50 pm EST - Xoanon

D.J. writes: Universal Studios Home Entertainment is distributing the latest Paul Davids Film on DVD, from Paul and Hollace Davids' Yellow Hat Productions Inc. Says KING KONG director Peter Jackson: "This film chart the evolution of fantastic cinema, to put on record, for all time, the influence that the pioneers of special effects had on my generation. Peter Jackson hosts this film which is a celebration of sci-fi and special effects, from the wild and funny days of B-movies to the blockbusters of today including Peter Jackson's KING KONG. Best Buy has an Exclusive arrangement with Universal as the only venue selling THE SCI-FI BOYS, in their stores, where it is found in the KING KONG standup displays, and on their website: It will not be available at other venues for about six months after March 28, 2006. The DVD has the 80 minute feature documentary, plus over one hour of bonus features of rare sci-fi treasures. [More]