News for Apr. 05, 2006

King Kong Goes Big in Madrid

4/05/06, 8:45 pm EST - Xoanon

King Kong Goes Big in Madrid Javier writes: On Tuesday the 4th of April, the King Kong DVD was introduced to the Spanish market with a presentation in the centre of Madrid. A 1 hour editing with the best sequences of the movie was projected on the huge 900 m2 facade of a department store in Paseo de la Castellana, together with an 8000 watt sound system. The parking lot of the department store was decorated like a 'jungle'. It had plants and props, ambient sounds and many King Kong posters. It was very promising since it was supposed to be the biggest projection area in Europe, but the quality of the projection was quite disappointing. They didn't cover the facade with a white screen, so you could see the beams and the tile unions of the building through the movie, and the intensity of the projector's light was not strong enough for an outdoor show of these characteristics. It was great fun anyway and a different way of seeing the movie. [Photos]