News for Feb. 24, 2006

Kong Art Directors at LA event

2/24/06, 9:59 pm EST - Xoanon

Garfeimao writes: Cinematheque will be hosting two events the day before the Oscars. One for the film editors, and one for the Art directors nominated for Oscars, which includes Grant Major and Dan Hennah. From Presented by the American Cinematheque in association with the Art Directors Guild and the Set Decorators Society of America. A panel discussion with this year's Academy Award-nominated Production Designers and Set Decorators, moderated by Art Directors Guild President Thomas A. Walsh. With Jim Bissell (art) & Jan Pascale (set) (Good Night, and Good Luck); Stuart Craig (art) & Stephenie McMillan (set) (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire); Grant Major (art) & Dan Hennah & Simon Bright (set) (King Kong); John Myhre (art) & Gretchen Rau (set) (Memoirs of a Geisha); and Sarah Greenwood (art) & Katie Spencer (set) (Pride & Prejudice). Free Admission. Tickets available day of the event only at the box office. No online ticketing for this event. [More]