News for Feb. 06, 2006

Kong Sculpt Needs Your Help!

2/06/06, 10:17 pm EST - Xoanon

Kong Sculpt Needs Your Help! Scott writes: WE NEED AN IMMEDIATE MODELMAKER to work on a KING KONG TRIBUTE SCULPTURE. Please see photo. The white understructure that Kong is standing on is made of a dense spongy foam. The dome of the Empire Sate bldg needs to be fashioned over top of this "armature". By heating , curving and laying down plastic, wood, whatever might work in order to accomplish the look of the dome. Naturally the details - such as the collar at the top, the portholes, the rivets, the vertical 3 layered ribs would have to be included along with the spire on top. E-mail Scott Essman immediately - needs to be done by February 20. We are in Southern California - item is too large to ship outside of LA, Ventura, Orange counties.
Phone: 626-963-0635
Sculptor: Brent Armstrong