News for Jan. 20, 2006

King Kong props go underfoot

1/20/06, 11:58 am EST - Xoanon

Hundreds of cubic metres of polystyrene props used by Wellington's film industry are being recycled to develop the city's infrastructure. Using recycled washing machine parts, dag crushers, roller blades, vacuums and scrap steel, PolyPalace owner Richard Moore built a waste polystyrene recycling plant beside Trash Palace at Porirua landfill about two years ago. In the three months before Christmas, a record 500 cubic metres of waste polystyrene was taken in most coming from props used in King Kong and has been converted into "pod" flooring blocks and wooden floor insulation. Recycled polystyrene from the plant is being used by Aspec Construction Wellington to build a raised walkway at the Cook Strait ferry terminal wharf, for Kaitaki passengers. [More]