News for Jan. 20, 2006

King Kong: the lost weeks

1/20/06, 11:56 am EST - Xoanon

James Smart writes: A bigger, longer, more brutal version of the movie "King Kong" is now thundering out of movie screens, and I had to go see it. Kong and I go back a long way. The original was done in 1933. There was a revival when I was about six, and my father, who had been smitten with the film when it was new, took me to see it. I caught his enthusiasm. Every time Kong was in a theater near enough, I saw it again, totaling 14 times between ages six and 15. It's the story of a boisterous but amiable gorilla who would make a dandy pet if he were 25 inches high. Unfortunately, he is 25 feet high, which is all right in its place but at times can cause complications. [More]