News for Jan. 15, 2006

King Kong brings back the petticoat

1/15/06, 10:43 am EST - Xoanon

Forget the camisole, the bustier and all the other bits of exotic underwear that have lately become more familiar as women’s skimpy outerwear. The hot international fashion trend for summer this year is likely to be the petticoat. Several decades after the fashion world’s least fashionable undergarment appeared to vanish from boutique racks, a giant gorilla and his female sidekick are helping to spur a comeback. Thanks in no small part to King Kong, who recently returned to cinemas with Naomi Watts as his love interest, America is rediscovering the petticoat. The New York Times declared last week: “If an 800-pound gorilla thinks it’s hot, so, dear, do you.” [More]