News for Jan. 08, 2006

Air show secures King Kong biplane

1/08/06, 8:14 pm EST - Xoanon

Backers of a mini air pageant at Masterton's Hood Aerodrome have secured a major drawcard the replica Curtiss Helldiver used in Peter Jackson's King Kong movie remake. The full-scale replica biplane that tackled Kong on the Empire State Building and a range of World War I aircraft will be part of the ground display at the open day and air display on January 22. It will be the first time the Helldiver has been shown in Wairarapa. The pageant, run by the Sport and Vintage Aviation Society, is a scaled-back sky and ground display aimed at reviving interest in aviation history and keeping interest alive in the two-yearly Wings Over Wairarapa event, to be staged next January. Money from gate fees and food sales will also help next year's show. Society president Tom Williams said though the open day was always popular, having the Helldiver in the attractions was a real bonus. [More]