News for Dec. 30, 2005

Clash of King Kong, Narnia enters 3rd weekend

12/30/05, 11:37 am EST - Xoanon

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - The four-day New Year's holiday weekend should look similar to the Christmas session just passed as nary a wide release will enter the marketplace. But one major difference this weekend is that New Year's Eve is not the theater-emptying holiday Christmas Eve is. So with a true four-day holiday frame ahead, ticket sales for all films should be higher than the $176.5 million recorded this past weekend. The only bows belong to limited runs of Woody Allen's "Match Point," Richard Shepard's "The Matador," starring Pierce Brosnan, and Chen Kaige's "The Promise." Once again, "King Kong" and "Narnia" will dominate. The films have been trading places in the top two positions for the past two weeks, with "Narnia" taking the lead during several midweek sessions and "Kong" capturing key weekend days. Together, they have provided much-needed relief at the beleaguered box office. [More]