News for Dec. 20, 2005

Wray Concerned About 'Skinny' Watts

12/20/05, 9:15 pm EST - Xoanon

HOLLYWOOD - Late actress Fay Wray was unsure about Naomi Watts taking on her character in the new movie remake of King Kongóbecause she found her "a little too skinny." Wray, who passed away last year, starred in the original 1933 giant ape movie as heroine Ann Darrow, and met briefly with Watts before filming began on the new Peter Jackson version. But Wray's daughter Victoria Riskin admits her mother was concerned about the star's weight. She says, "They had dinner together with Peter and his wife. My mother told me she thought Naomi was a lovely person... though maybe too skinny. She thought that would be all right." [More]