News for Dec. 17, 2005

The Last Production Diary!

12/17/05, 6:46 pm EST - Xoanon

Post Production Diary - 1 Week To Go

This is a bit sad isn't it? The very last Production Diary for King Kong we will ever see. Peter takes us back full circle to the very spot where we started the Diaries on Day 1. The props, crew and cameras are all gone now, but the film is yours to enjoy. Take a look at the Wellington red carpet coverage, and the many cast and crewmembers who make their final goodbyes. My thanks go out to Michael Pellerin, David Rodriguez, Kevin Shukur, Melissa Booth, Eddie Egan, Leigh, Jan, Chris, and of course Peter for making this groundbreaking choice of providing exclusive content to the fans. And so, for the last time...Take a look! [QT6 240x132px 9Mb] [QT4 320x176px 17Mb] [QT6 480x264px 22Mb] [Bit Torrents!]